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Or you might resell them in related forums or social marketplace groups. Lots of people will offer, state, an organization domain and then offer it in a company related online forum. Or they would resell it in a social market group associated to business.

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At supper with my family I discussed my issue. My 3 children ages 11, 16 & 17 all told me that I should blat out videos on Google Video & YouTube. I thought they were crazy however they informed me that all of their good friends do not truly see TV any more. Rather they watch the computer system, videos and shows on the computer on video sites like Google Video, YouTube and a ton of other video sites that I never knew existed.

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Selling domain names can be very lucrative. In truth, some people making a living from buying and reselling domain names. Here is what a typical domain seller would do to generate income. There are two ways to generate income from selling domain.