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My Foot Reflexology began out in a humble 250 sf shop in Midpoint Orchard with only 4 therapists. The concept was to offer a place for relaxation, fully serviced by the handicapped. When My Foot began its operations in 1996, we began coaching and employing the visually impaired from the area people. My Foot felt strongly that they made excellent therapists regardless of their disabilities. Moreover, the visually impaired have been also very properly fitted to customer service positions due to their kind and friendly temperament. Within a month of our operation, My Foot Reflexology became extraordinarily fashionable with varied media together with the Straits Occasions, Channel 5, Channel 8 ( City Beat ), covering our story. It was a first of its form as a result of by no means earlier than had the visually-impaired been supplied entrance-line buyer serving positions within the Orchard Street retail setting. In the present day, My Foot Reflexology trains and employs people with other disabilities including the deaf-mutes, bodily handicapped, mentally challenged, as well as retrenched older workers with very little abilities and training.I’d recommend that you do a deep therapeutic massage. This may be achieved by pressing your right-hand knuckle in your left foot and knead it as you would bread. Alternatively, you could use your thumbs to press down on the skin of your ft and apply the desired quantity of strain.Another great train to attempt with the spiky massage ball that doesn’t require any balancing is to sit down in a chair and roll your ft over the ball. This won’t be quite as deep because the above exercise, as, with out as a lot of your physique weight, the pressure won’t be as sturdy.Who shouldn’t get acupressure level massage? Typically, acupressure is safe however there are certain situations the place it wouldn’t be advisable. Keep away from acupressure in case you have any swelling in the realm that can be treated, wounds and sores are also off limits as nicely. Chronic heart situations, pregnancy, and varicose veins may need clearance from a doctor first. Be certain to get your acupressure therapy from a certified skilled to avoid complications.- Excessive-quality Theaceae wood.
– Handbook design.
– 24 knobs for acupuncture strain.
– Inexpensive option.

This massager is appropriate for people who wish to keep their ft comfy when they’re away from home. You don’t want entry to a energy supply because this manual foot massager keeps your ft wholesome using a easy rolling motion.